How to recycle batteries

You were probably told as a kid to not throw away broken batteries, but where did the batteries actually go? Well, most batteries aren’t harmful to the environment, but still can be recycled and reused with just a little extra step.

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Batteries can be broken down to create new ones, but can’t be thrown into a recycling bin with everything else. They need to be properly disposed of, and thankfully there are several ways to do it. Many electronic stores and hardware stores take back batteries and send them to recycling plants.

They can also be mailed to a location such as an electronics recycling jacksonvile fl center which is helpful if you don’t go through batteries too often. Just place the used ones in a cup or container and when it’s full send them away.

Knowledge about the law and the process

For Californians, it’s illegal to throw single use batteries away in the trash, and other states might allow trash disposal, but they also have laws about properly disposing batteries if needed. States might also have sponsored events that collect the batteries, or you can simply deposit them at a shop or mail them in.

When it comes to the recycling process, the batteries are hammered and broken into countless pieces. The metals and plastics are separated and each component is released into a separate stream to be recycled.

The goopy metals and lead are reshaped and hardened into components to make even more batteries. While the acid is neutralized or converted into other chemicals. In essence, the batteries that are recycled are the primary components of new batteries!

Recycle and rebuild

Nearly every type of battery is completely recyclable once it is broken down into its component parts, so recycling really does keep the battery population stable and keeps them out of landfills.